Snagging Inspections

A snag list is a fully comprehensive list of items which a builder has not completed in accordance with the building regulations and standards. We model our standards on the American model, which is extensive and exacting in nature. We can deliver this report within 48 hours. We physically visit the property, and prepare a detailed report, which includes imagery of all areas which need attention, before the property is handed over from the developer, purchased from the seller or bank or moved into by a tentant.

Snagging inspections: We carry out a thorough inspection of your home and help you to present the results of the inspection to your builder, so that they can rectify the faults.

Experts: Our inspectors are expert with all elements of new home construction, and the proper installation of equipment and fittings.

Knowledge: Our inspectors know standards that the warranty providers impose on new homes and are therefore able to use their own standards against them. To ensure defects are corrected. And at the developers expense.

Ideally the inspection will be carried out before you move in so that the developer will have time to address all the problems before you complete, but it can take place at any time in the first two years of your NHBC, Premier or Zurich warranty, if applicable, when problems with the finish of your new home are covered. We have inspected houses throughout this period.

The snagging report will be issued within 2 working days of the inspection with a copy going to you and one directly to the developer.