Most landlords are concerned to be able to make a claim against the tenant for any legitimate damage that the tenant is liable for. Whilst the tenancy agreement provides for the tenant to pay for damage if the matter cannot be proven and the tenant denies damage then the landlord will not be able to uphold their claim. An out of date inventory will not necessarily be considered as evidence.

Inspect Properties Inventories are fully independent and offer a range of professional inventory services to Estate Agents, private landlords and tenants alike.. Based in West yorkshire, our inventories are full, factual documents detailing every fixture, fitting & furnishing along with an in-depth schedule of condition.
We offer a full range of inventory services including – inventory compilation, updates of your inventory, tenant check ins, check out’s and property inspections, all at very competitive prices. All our Reports are detailed, easy to follow and are supported by digital photograph.

Why is an inventory needed?

A professionally drawn up inventory and schedule of condition will protect you from any unwarranted disputes by the tenant at the end of the tenancy. If there is an insufficient, outdated or even worse no inventory then you will have no evidence of what the property was like at the start of the tenancy. This means that if you or the agent are unable to provide documentary evidence that the tenant caused damage, then you will not be in a strong position to make a claim, in the event the tenant contests the matter.

Why not save money and do it yourself?

Compiling an inventory and schedule of condition is a skill and should be carried out by someone qualified to do so. The inventory is an important document and one that may need to be relied upon as evidence in the event of a dispute and may be liable to the scrutiny of a Court of Law.
The inventory is not just a list of items placed in or on the premises, a proper inventory will include a schedule of condition of the property itself as well as the fixtures, fittings and contents. A professionally qualified inventory provider is also likely to be deemed to be impartial and will note the property in the condition in which it is found both at the start and end of the tenancy.

Protect your investment

All deposits for ASTs signed after 6th April 2007 must be protected.
Protection is either by custodial scheme or insurance.
Disputes will be settled by an independent board or go to court.
Judges consider a well-written inventory to be the BEST evidence.
When you instruct Inspect properties to provide a property report you can be assured you are getting a high quality and professional service. We strictly follow the guidelines laid down by the AIIC (Association of Independent Inventory Clerks) and are members of the LGI Accreditation Scheme, so you can be sure of a professional worry free service.
Inspect properties carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.


West Yorkshire 1 Bed 2 – 3 Bed 4 Bed 5 Bed
Inventory – Unfurnished £50 £60 £70 £80
Inventory – Furnished £60 £70 £80 £90
Inventory Check In – Unfurnished £75 £85 £90 £100
Inventory Check In – Furnished £85 £90 £95 £105
Check In £40 £45 £50 £55
Check Out £50 £55 £60 £70
Periodic Inspection £35 £40 £45 £50